Awards Ceremony – One of the Big Days in School

The Annual Sports Awards Ceremony is one of the really big school events each year, the sports participants would argue that it is THE biggest.  If pride is a sin then there were many guilty in the School Hall at the recent awards ceremony because evryone there was brimming with pride watching the many young athletes receive their awards for outstanding sportsmanship and for their courtesy and respect on and off the field of play.

St. Oliver Plunkett School is renowned for many things, but music and sport is very high on that list.  While those involved in music can always be assured of a captive audience when they perform , the same does not hold through for the 200+ participants involved in the various sports organised by the school.  It is many times that these soldier on unoticed on cold wet evenings in mucky fields with not a single supporter to cheer them on.  And so it is that on occasions like the Awards Ceremony that they get a chance to shine and be acclaimed.  “It’s nice to win”, said Principal Ms O’Connor, as she congratulated all on their involvement, “but it’s taking part and having fun that is the most important part.  Getting involved in sport at any level is a decision that will effect your health and well-being for the rest of your life”.