Graduation Day in Words and Pictures

Saying good bye is never easy, but it is especially hard when its good bye to a place that has been your second home for 8 years, a place you have grown to love and trust.  So it is on Graduation Day when the assembled 123 boys and girls say their farewells to the friends they have made over the years, many of whom will go to other schools and may be seldom seen in the future.

It is a day to celebrate all that is great about Ollies, the School on the Hill, a day to remember the great days of sport and music, of Green Flags and learning, of buddies and school tours, Garden Fetes and Cake Sales, all the fun days and the sad ones too.

The Ceremony is simple but highly charged,  with readings and Prayers and Music.  The graduates are presented with their Certs and their Graduation Book which will be a source of great joy when looking back many years from now.  The Macarten Brady Awards are presented to the pupils who embody the characteristic spirit of the school and of Macarten Brady.  Its a day to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, a day for the school to thank the pupils and the parents, and for the pupils to say a special thanks to their parents who have looked after them during their formative years.