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Book Rental Scheme & School Charges

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Read all the way before reaching Booklist.  At the beginning of the school year each family is asked to pay a charge to the school to cover various expenses. This is not a voluntary contribution and every child must take part in order for the system to work.  The money raised through the scheme is necessary to cover all the costs incurred in delivering a state of the art service in our school.  Following requests from parents we have now set up an on-line payments system. Of course parents may pay directly to the school if that is more convenient. This year there are still a number of payments outstanding. Families will be reminded by email if they have overlooked this payment. Where there are extenuating circumstances parents should speak to Principal in confidence, and the on-line system of payment facilitates payment by installment which allows families to spread the payments over the year.  Every last cent of this is spent on the children as follows:

  • Pupil‘s Personal Insurance 24hr 365 days

  • Sundry Services and Utilities

  • Pupil’s First Aid Training & Supplies

  • All Materials for art and craft

  • All photocopying expenses

  • All site licenses for programmes on

  • Interactive Whiteboards

  • ICT including updating aps on ipods and ipads and Microsoft surface.

  • Assessment including mandatory Maths and English Standardised Tests

  • Postage

  • PE Equipment

  • Classroom resources for all curricular areas

Guided Reading Books:

We now have more than two thousand books in our Guided reading Library. By participating in the guided reading programme, children can access a range of books of various genres, both fact and fiction. Teachers can ensure that each child is reading books suitable for his or her ability. Children enjoy reading in smaller, more informal  groups. It is hoped that reading such a vast array of books will have a positive effect on children’s reading abilities, and will nurture a love of books from an early age.

Book Rental:

Over the past few years we have worked hard to include as many text books as possible on our book rental scheme thereby alleviating the financial burden on our families. With the cooperation of our Parent’s Association and staff, all of our books are covered and in good condition. Worn books are replaced each year. Through this scheme, we are building our resources giving children a far wider range of texts.  We will continue to build on this and add new series and ranges as they become available.

Sixth Class

Listed below are just some of the many resources that are available to the children in 6th. Class.  
For a comprehensive list of resources available to all Class click here:  



  • The Hobbit

  • Goodnight Mr. Tom

  • Safe Harbour

  • Wonder

  • Walkabout


  • A Way With Words 6

  • Snakes Eyeballs and Indians

  • SRA Reading Comprehension Box 3b


  • Maths Matters


  • Bosca Cluichi


  • History Quest 6

  • History All Around Me 6

  • Geography Quest 6

  • Geography All Around Me 6

  • Science Quest 6

  • Science All Around Me 6

  • Science Fusion 6


  • Alive O Programme  

  • Alive O - Pupil Book


  • Let’s Make Music 5/6


Below are the booklists for each year in PDF format, click on the link below and print for easy reference.

Booklist 2016 - 2017

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