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Parish Boundary and Map

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Parish of St. Sylvester, Malahide
This should be read in conjunction with the Parish Map.

Commencing where Texas Lane meets the Estuary, the boundary runs in a SW direction along the centre of Texas Lane to No. 1 Texas Lane. The boundary follows the line of the back gardens to from No. 17 to No.1 Yellow Walls Road, then around the and follows the boundary of St. Sylvester's School to its junction with Dublin Road.

The boundary turns westerly along the Dublin Road and includes the houses fopening onto Dublin Road between Yellow Walls Road and Ard-na-Mara junction. From the junction of Ard na Mara and the Dublin Road it travels along the centre of the Dublin Road to its intersection with Back Road.

See full map of the area described at the intersection

The boundary proceeds along Back Road, encompassing both sides of it (but not Kinsaley Lane), to its intersection with the Dublin/Belfast Railway Line. It follows the railway line to the intersection with the the bridge over Hill Road and includes The Grange.

The boundary now turns back in a NE direction along the centre of Hill Road to the intersection with Blackwood Lane and along the centre of Blackwood Lane to backgardens of the houses on Onward Walk.
The boundary turns north along Onward Walk and along the western boundary of its intersection with the boundary of the Townland of St. Helen's and continuing in a NE direction along that Townland to its intersection with the Townland boundary of Carrickhill.

The boundary turns east along Carrickhill to its intersection with the high water mark north of Little Monksmeadow.

Turning north, the boundary follows the high water mark along the coast and around the Marina Village to the railway line. It follows the Dublin/Belfast Railway line to the intersection with Upper Strand Road.

The boundary returns to the starting point following the high water mark on the Broadmeadows Estuary.

Parish Map

Yellow Walls Parish

Yellow Walls Parish

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