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Prayer Friends - A Special Relationship

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A Short History of Star of the Sea in Seapark.

St. Joseph's was the first Carmel in Ireland founded over 350 years ago. Over all those years, St. Joseph’s Carmel has moved around and been in many places but finally found a permanent home here in Seapark, Malahide.

The Carmel of the Immaculate Conception was established 158 years ago at Hampton, Grace Park Road.  The Carmel  remained on the same site all of that time but by 2011 the building was in a poor state of repair and a major renovation was needed but at that time, the community was only 5 strong and the community in Seapark was also facing smaller numbers.  To create a vibrant community they decided to sell Hampton and move to the newly renovated Seapark.

For this to work into the future it was agreed over 3.5 years of negotiation with each member of both communities that a new foundation was the only way forward otherwise there would be the 'blow-in' label attached to the new comers.

Both communities applied to Rome for their foundations to be suppressed, so as and from the 15th October St. Joseph's and Immaculate Conception Carmels ceased to exist in Ireland.  

On October 15 th 2011 a new foundation of 'Star of the Sea' was established at the site in Seapark and the Bull was read by Archbishop Martin in a Private Ceremony (even the local clergy weren't invited!).  In other words it's not an amalgamation, merger or dispersal. It's something completely new and all offices had to be elected thus Sr. Attracta, formerly from Hampton Road, was elected the Superior.

Sr. Elizabeth has done a detailed history on the Monastery of St. Joseph in Ireland.  The Monstrance they use was made in Paris for the foundation Monastery here so it is about three hundred years old!

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