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Revised Planning

Our New School

On May 25, Parents arriving to school were surprisedd to see a new planning notice at the gate and wondered about reason for same and whether it will have any implications for the start date of our project.

This application relates to some small scale redesign and revisions to enhance the building or outdoor space and thus create a better learning environment for the pupils.  All of the items mentioned are self-explanatory and are designed to increase light in areas, create a safer environment, redesign learning spaces or make our outdoor area more accessible.  
These changes all relate to Phase 2 of the building work and will have no impact on the start date of the new school.  The planning permission is already secured for that and all we need now is approval from the Department to go to tender.  We are hoping that this approval will be forthcoming in the next few weeks and we will write again as soon as this approval is granted.

If you wish to see the details of the proposed changes, the drawings will be on view in the school or you can scrool down, click on an image to enlarge it.

The proposed changes are:  

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