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School Enrolment Policy

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St. Oliver Plunkett School is situated in Malahide, North County Dublin.  It is a vertical co-educational Catholic School under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. For a long number of years now, the school has beenon of the largest schools in Ireland by pupil numbers.

Our Enrolment Policy is drawn up with our Vision Statement as central to our school mission:
"In our school we value the uniqueness and importance of every human being.  We believe, where practical, all children should be included in mainstream and we recognise the rights of our children to equal access to all opportunities in our own school, our community and in society as a whole.  We will strive to have all our children reach their full potential in a happy caring environment.  We will endeavour to develop a sense of responsibility and adaptability for a changing world.  We will work towards cultivating a positive self-worth and respect for the importance of each individual and each community. We will promote a co-operative spirit and good, independent work habits."

Principles of our Enrolment Policy

The Board upholds the distinctive spirit of the school as determined by the cultural, educational, religious, moral, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions which are characteristic of the school.  It is the policy of the Board to seek to provide places for all Catholic children from St. Sylvester's Parish, and other family members (brothers/sisters/step-siblings/fostered children) of existing pupils, whose parents seek a place. Applications from other children will be considered according to the availability of places.

Equality of access is the key value that determines the enrolment of children in the school.  The school respects the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in our society.  The school celebrates difference and no child is refused admission for reasons of age (beyond requirements), ethnicity, special educational needs, ability or disability, language or accent, gender, traveller status, asylum-seeker or refugee status, religious or political beliefs & values, family or social circumstances, provided that it has been established that the school is in a position to provide an appropriate education for the child.

The school operates a yearly enrolment schedule and no waiting list is kept.  
Application for Enrolment is by an Enrolment Application Form and the form is from November each year for the following year. Closing dates for applications are outlined in the policy.  The form is available from the school office (call in person 9.00am to 3pm).

Thank you for your co-operation.

Documents to be read in association with an application: Click on link to access the documents
Enrolment Policy (which includes section on Enrolment for children with Special Educational Needs)
Code of Discipline
ABC(Anti-Bullying Code)

See below for: Extract from School Enrolment Policy
Parish Boundary

Extract from School Enrolment Policy

Catholic Ethos:
St. Oliver Plunkett School is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. To maintain its Catholic ethos, the school strives to nurture children in the Catholic Faith.  While it is not compulsory for pupils to take part in religion classes, the school promotes and expects from its pupils, a tolerance of different religious beliefs or none.  All pupils are expected to respect the rights of others in this regard.  

Criteria used for Enrolment Priority
The maximum class size is laid down by the Board of Management and is presently set at 29.
Where the number of children seeking enrolment in any standard exceeds the number of places available it will be necessary to adopt certain enrolment criteria.  
In such cases the following criteria will be used to prioritise children for enrolment and (in each category (except 5.1.5) priority will be given to the oldest:
1. Brothers & sisters (including step-siblings and fostered children, resident at same address) of children already enrolled  see note1, Catholic children whose principal private residence see note3 is within the Parish of St. Sylvester, Malahide  see note2. and children of Staff members.
2. Other children who live within the Parish of St. Sylvester.
3. Catholic Children from the Sacred Heart Parish, Yellow Walls, Malahide.
4. Other children from Sacred Heart Parish area, Yellow Walls.
5. Children who live outside the parishes of St. Sylvester and Sacred Heart.  Places will be allocated on the basis of proximity to school which will be determined by the shortest distance by public road between the school gates and the gates/road entrance to the child's home.

Where the number of applicants within categories exceeds the number of places available in any class or any standard, the Board will operate a cut off point based on the applicants’ Date of Birth (i.e. older children will be given priority of  accommodation) except in the case of children in category 5  
Note1: Older siblings wishing to be enrolled in this school, while resident at the same address but attending a different school, are referred Paragraph 2.2.7.b of  this Enrolment Policy.
Note2: St. Sylvester’s Parish is defined in Appendix d. A map of Sacred Heart Parish is available in Appendix e.
Note3: The place of residence is defined as the principal private place of residence of the child at the date of entry to the school.  Where a child is not resident in the principal private residence, the application will be discussed with the parent to verify the facts.

Multiple Applications:
Agreements exist between local schools and, prior to the allocation of places, discussions take place between the relevant schools to eliminate applications made to more than one school.  Where multiple applications are made by a parent, it is the policy of the Boards to assign such applications to the school nearest to the primary residence of the child.

Circular 32/03
If your child is transferring from another school, please be advised that repeating the same level is not permitted by the DES as per Circular 32/03.

(Please read full enrolment policy which accompanies this application form)

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