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Jan. 1st., 2016 - Where to from here? The stages are as follows:-

  • The Final Documentation (2B Submission) was lodged with the Building Section of Department for approval on Dec. 22nd.  This has all been pre-approved so should not take longer than the normal 3 months.  

  • Meantime the Design Team is assessing the suitability of the Building Contractors and will create a short list of ten candidates.

  • With the definite timeline now known, the school will issue a full briefing document to parents with all the parents information included.

  • The Dept. will agree the 2B Submission and the Design Team will then issue Tender Documents to the chosen 10 Contractors and, when returned, under the rules of Public Procurement the lowest tender will be accepted and a contract signed.

  • The Contractor will arrive on site within two weeks of signing the contract.

  • The first job that will be undertaken will be the erection of New Modern Prefabs in the Top Yard needed to house the classes presently in the Old School and Portacabins.  These will be in use by 5th and 6th during the entire building programme.  This project is expected to take approximately two years from start of project.

  • Once the necessary Prefabs are in place in the Top Yard, 5th & 6th classes will transfer. Hoarding will be erected around the work area, the old Portacabins will be removed but  the Old School will be retained.

  • The Conractor will create a Temporary Play-area beside the Main Building where the oil tank is now situated.

  • Work will now commence on Block1 of the New School (see drawings and phases)

  • Once Block1 is competed, the children will move from the Main Building and E-Building into Block1 which will have 24 classrooms, the Offices and some Learning Support/Resource Rooms.
  • The Main Building and E-Building will be knocked and work will begin on Block2
  • When Block2 is complete the children from the Prefabs in Top Yard will move in.
  • The Prefabs will be removed and the grounds and play-areas will be reinstated.
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