Book Buzz and shop a big success



A big ‘Ollies thank you to all involved in the  ’12 books’ and pop up shop yesterday in our school. ‘Wonder’ was the top selling book and Robert from Manor Books in Malahide village was very busy during the course of the day with orders of all our ’12 books’. All books ordered will be delivered to the school this week.
Student council helped with the shop and a huge thanks to those who helped with taking the orders.

Kids really enjoy browsing for books and it was great that they could go class by class to look at the books.

Great to see so much enthusiasm for reading around our school.

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Ollies 12 Books of Christmas

The ’12 Books of Christmas’ flyers are in all the schoolbags tonight. Great excitement for our pop up book shop next week (Tuesday)where all the 12 books will be available. See you all next week.

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Ollies ’12 Books of Christmas’

The ‘Ollies 12 Books of Christmas’ have been released. Flyers with details are to be sent home to parents on Thursday detailing the ’12 books’ and a  10% offer from the Manor Books POP UP SHOP in school on 12thDecember.

Posters are to be hung on school hoarding this week. Caroline from Signarama did a great job with design. Hope everyone likes them. We love the bee with the Ollies scarf and crest!

We are also doing a Book Clinic in library today at 10am with Mr Morris’ class. Photos to follow.

Here is a link to the ’12 books’. 12 books A5_with bleeds

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Exciting times

It’s hard to contain the excitement around the school this week as the big crane has arrived  and and straight behind it the first lorries carrying the pre-cast internal walls.  Ten minutes after the crane had set up the first section was in place.

Some classes had a great view as section by section the ground floor walls begin to stand tall and proud and the school begins to take on a reality never before experienced.  By Christmas it is hoped that the roof will be ready to be put on.
This is a day/week the children will remember for all of their lives.
Your patience would be appreciated while we take on a new shape.
Team Ollies
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Our ‘Book Buzz’ Logo reveal…



I thought of a hive. When I was younger I used to help my nana when she worked in a shop called ‘The Honey Pot’. Their logo was a beehive. I always wondered what was in the beehive. In this case, I thought it was a library full of books. I was going to write authors on the hive but I could only fit my favourite authors so it wouldn’t have been interesting to others. I put the school crest as the door to the hive to show it is St Oliver Plunkett’s. There are 10 bees around the hive to show my age and that we are busy with books. This is the inspiration for my logo.

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