Writing your letter

IMPORTANT: When you have written your letter please send a copy in to the school office. Your letter will be included in a file that will be presented to the Department for Education.

 If you have chosen e-mail over a written/typed letter, please forward a copy to office AT stops.ie

We also have a Facebook page called St Oliver Plunketts Malahide Need a New School NOW. Please visit the page, become a fan and invite everyone you know to become a fan too.

Suggestions on writing your letter
If you are unsure how you should approach writing your letter/e-mail to our public representatives, we have outlined a basic template below. The letter doesn’t have to be long. In fact it may be better to just focus on one or two key points. There are some key points listed which you may consider including in the letter as well as a sample letter.

Basic Letter Structure:

Paragraph 1

* Introduce yourself and the fact that you are a parent of ‘x’ number of children in

St. Oliver Plunkett National School.
* Personaize your concern. (Make it about your child/children)
* Say why you are writing.

Paragraph 2

* Highlight some of the issues you are upset about.
* How do they or will they affect your child and other children.
* Mention how it affects their education.

Paragraph 3

* Demand some action from the letter recipient.
* Make sure you say that you expect a reply to your letter/e-mail.

Key Points

1. Health and Safety (e.g cold and damp conditions)
2. Inadequate space to fully implement the revised curriculum
3. No access for special needs students

Sample Letter

Dear (name),

My name is Joe Bloggs. I am the parent of a 7 year old boy in St. Oliver Plunkett national School, Malahide. I am writing to express my personal concern at the sub-standard conditions, namely Portacabins, my child is faced with.

I could write a long list of the problems faced by the children and teachers in the Portacabins but my main concern is one of health and safety. We have already had a case of pneumonia directly associated with a child being housed in a Portacabin. My own child suffers from chronic asthma and I do not want to face the prospect of him being in these conditions for three years of his Primary education.

In your capacity as a public representative I strongly urge you to do all in your power to resolve this intolerable situation. I expect your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Bloggs

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