Cairde StOP – Volunteering

This has been a really busy month with lots of parents coming on board to support the drive for our New School Building. The group in full are much too numerous to mention but we have to give Fran Leavey, Chairperson of the Parents Association the credit due to him for giving so much of his free time to the cause.
We have also been helped greatly in preparing our reports by Stephen Oppermann and John Cox. Both have given freely of their time to inform and advise the Board of Management. We hope that their efforts will be repaid 100 fold with a good outcome on the building front.

On the computer front our plans for classes are going ahead at great speed. We hope to launch our new website in March. Miriam Allen has donated a huge amount of her free time to this and you will be pleased with the fruits of her labour. We would also like to thank George Byrne, Niall Newman and Niall Berry who continued to give much of their time to the setting up of the server and the network. We have Patrick Hazley of Imex , who is looking after the interactive White Boards. We have installed two of these interactive boards in 2 of Junior Infant classes and we hope to install more in more classes over the mid-term break. Our thanks to Patrick who secured very good deals for us on this front. There is always a chance when thanking/mentioning someone that we would leave out a Chairde unintentionally and if we do our apologies but please bring it to our attention. We won’t be offended and be only too delighted to make the necessary correction in our next edition of School News.

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