Did you come by Bus?

walkingbus1The Green Team were over the moon (well on the bus actually) with the fantastic turn out for the Walking Bus on our recent WOW day.  The buses travelled as normal despite the adverse weather conditions.  “We needed to be tied down cause we nearly blew away”, was how one of the giggling First Class girls put it as she alighted from the Yellow Walls Bus.

It was great to see so many prepared to brave the elements and join in the fun and get walkingbus2great exercise as well.  Striding ahead of all the Buses was the Seapark/Biscayne Bus which had  55 passengers plus all the adults who were also on board.  “That must be a record”, said one of the 6th Class boys who had carried his own bag and his little sisters.  We wonder will any other bus beat that number next time.  Look out for news of our next outing.


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