What a Show – It’s a Cracker

F12All of have seen the show so far have been of one mind – total agreement that this is the best show ever.  One parent was heard to say in the local shop that there she could not understand how the children could be so good across all the classes and she had been to the two halves.  And this is a feeling that is shared by everyone.

“Playing for the othe 6th classes was the hardest thing” was how one of the 6th class girlssc3 put it coming off stage, “I thought I’d die knowing that all the others were looking at me”.

And we fully agree with all of this.  It is a marvellous show.  Our sc1thanks to the parents, teachers and especially the children who have worked so hard to make it a success.

If you haven’t seen it there will be a DVD later and there are loads of pictures here.


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