Worth a Fortune to Dublin Hurling!!

JF To all in “Ollies” he is Mr. Fortune, but in Dublin Hurling circles he is Mr. Incredible.  Such has been his success with under-age teams, Dublin County Board has decided to show how much confidence it has in his leadership aJFbnd has appointerd him Manager for the Dublin U 21 Hurling Team for the next three years.  Previously Mr Fortune has worked with various Dublin teams and, in addition, he is presently managing DIT Hurlers in the Fitzgibbon Cup.

Over the years our school has seen his great ability to train and guide our school teams and he has enjoyedubsd great success in various competitions.  Many will know his other skills in the area of music and will have seen him perform at local events.  Is there no end to his talents – watch out Anthony Daly, this Wexford man may be looking for your position.

Click Here to read the full report from the Evening Herald.

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