Basketball Hat Trick

20140410_104140Congratulations to the Junior Girls, Junior Boys and Senior Girls teams who have reached
the league finals this week.  Already the excitement is felt as we look forward to a great day out in May when all 3 finals will be played on the same day in Clontarf.  This is a day you won’t want to miss.  This is one of those “where were you the day Ollies….”.

This is a first for the school.  We’ve had one team to the Finals, we’ve had two teams
through, but to get three through in one year is certainly a Hat Trick of enormous proportions.  We thought things couldn’t get better back in Nov when the great work of the school was recognised nationally and the 6th class were asked to take part in the making of a video to teach the teachers.  But that was only the start…..

For all the news and photos visit Great Year for Basketball in Ollies


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