Announcing a Fabulous Design Competition

An amazing opportunity to be a part of the process of designing our new school.closeup

Our school is running a design competition to find a way to enhance the entrance to our new school so that the entrance would be an obvious feature and would draw the visitors towards it. Visitors shouldn’t need to ask where the entrance was. It should stand out.

At St. Oliver Plunkett School we pride ourselves on our friendly faces and welcoming smiles. In our wonderful new school all visitors and pupils will enter the building through the main door. As you can see from the plans this door is located in the front of the building. We would like to make this a child friendly welcoming entrance, and are inviting ideas or designs from the children on ways to achieve this.

So children, we need your ideas. Put on the thinking caps. Have a look at the plan for the new building. What would you design to make the entrance fun and inviting? It may be inspired by something you have seen before, perhaps on your travels, or in a book or a movie, or just like you, it may be a true original!  If you would like to see more of the plans or download them,  visit Building Log.

Please draw your design and return to the school office by Monday 10th of June.

Contiguous North Elevation


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