And the Winner is…..

closeupMembers of the Building Subcommittee were delighted with the response from our pupils for the Entrance Design Competition.  There were many and varied suggestions from our pupils. Some of these are already planned and some, sadly, fell outside the scope of what is possible.

DesignEntrancThe Committee had a difficult task deciding, but they have chosen four entries which show great promise.  They would like to keep the suggestions as a surprise until the building stage but can announce who the the four entries are from.  The design that was chosen as winner and will be forwarded to the Architects for inclusion came from Isabelle Oppermann(5th class).  Elements of the other three entries will be incorporated into the design and these entries were from Ellie Brady(6th), Sophia Boisse(3rd) and Noah Moore (JI).

The winning designers were announced by Ms O’Connor at the recent Assembly.  She said how great it was to see so many budding architects among the pupils and how exciting it was that our pupils had some input into the final design of the new school.  Who knows what great things lie in store for them.  We look forward to seeing their work when the school is built.

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