Upcoming Events and Activities

Asportsre you aware of the full range of events and activities that are organised by the teachers and parents in school, or by outside groups, which are availble to all our pupils.  The full list is exhausting and covers all types of sport including Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, Baskerunningtball, Cricket, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis and many more.  Outside of sport you can join Irish Dancing, all types of Music Lessons, Taekwondo and a variety of other pursuits.

tea2All information for these activities is on our website www.stops.ie, or on our Parent Association page www.facebook.com /stopspa, and also in our schoolnews.  So as we get off to a great start this year, make sure you are up to speed with school information.  And if you all this activity is not your cup of tea and you prefer the leisurely activities, watch out for announcements of the various events organised by the Parents Association where you will have a great opportunity to meet many other parents and even enjoy a coffee on the house.

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