Up for the Match with our Very Own Jackee

Niamhsml September is traditionally the month of the All-Irelands as the various GAA competitions are brought to their conclusions and excitement is at fever pitch in the counties which are in the Finals.  This year Ollies is getting in on the act as we await Sept 28th and the Ladies All-Ireland between Dublin and Cork.  Ollies is no stranger to having past pupils as members of finalists panels but this year, for the first time, we will have a member of staff playing for Dublin.

On the Dublin Panel are Past-Pupils Sinead Aherne, Nicole Owens and our very own Miss NicolesmlMcEvoy. Sinead is a household name in GAA circles with many accolades, including All-Stars and Man of the Match under her belt.  She is a stalwart of Dubs sides reeking up an impressive taaly – feared by all who have to protect or defend the nets.  Nicole has true grit, impressive in possession with great ball control and hard to catch when in full flight and like Niamh, she too was on many winning sides when in our school.

Niamh has been playing GAA since she was in First Class and cut her teeth in competition while in 5th and 6th class being a regular panel member of both the Boys Teams (under Mr Curran) and the Girls Squads (under Ms Dixon).  She proudly recalls that she has double medals from the boys teams, winning in 5th and 6th, but narrowily missed out on second girls medal in 6th class after winning in 5th.  From Ollies she progresed to St. Sylvester’s GAA Club and within a short space of like, like her counterparts from Ollies, she was coming to note in Dublin GAA circles.  Mr Curran Sineadsmlremembers all three players vividly and says that he never had any doubt they would go on to better things.  On Niamh he recalls her as an all rounder with great speed and skills who could take on all comers, and that hasn’t changed now that she is one of the Jackies.  Niamh hopes that our Principal, Ms O’Connor ( hailing from the Rebel County) won’t be too upset when the Jackees win on the 28th.

We hope many parents will go to Croker for the Final to support the Dubs especially our Past Pupils.  It is always a great family day.  We wish the girls well and hope the Dubs will bring home the cup.  So lets hear your roar:-

come on the dubs


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