Sad Goodbye to the Old Ways

dec2014Page1Today was a nostalgic moment in time as the last ever hard-copy of our Schoolnews was printed and distributed to our school families.  As all families are now contactable by email and being a Green School it would not be in keeping with our Green School Policy to keep distributing paper copies of the news.  From January all parents will receive their news by email and, of course, the News will continue to be available on-line.

The School News has been a  feature of school life,
distributed monthly in its present format for 32dec2014Page2 years as well as many special editions on other unique occasions.  The first Newsletter was in handwritten format run off on a spirit duplicator in 1975 with a big move to an ink duplicator in 1978 and to its present format in 1982.  A potted history of the news will follow.

For now, it’s goodbye to the old ways and into the new.  Our special thanks to Claudia who beaveres away into the small hours to produce the magic each month.

Click here to read this months SchoolNews

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