Dreams Becoming a Reality

From Dream to Reality
Our days of dreaming are over, our new school now seems a definite reality. The plans for the new design were presented to the Board of Management at a special meeting on Monday Night. These plans will be put on view in the school in the coming weeks.

The proposal envisages a 35 room school – 32 mainstream rooms and 3 Reading classes-and sufficient rooms for all our Learning support team and a generous office area. The new PE Hall will be twice the size of our present hall and capable of accommodating two classes working independently. Included also is a fine library space which is to be welcomed.

It is proposed that the new school will be built just to the rear of the Old School which is to remain standing. The other two buildings will be knocked when the new school is ready. The school will will remain in operation on the site while building works takes place. The period of construction will be less than two years.

This is very exciting news for the school community which has waited almost 13 years for a permanent solution to the scattered campus and the dreaded portacabins.

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