School Song Contest

School Anthem

Can you write a song?

Our school needs a school song – an anthem that we could sing on all school occasions – assemblies, football outings, graduations, school gatherings etc.  And we need your help to write it!

Who can enter? –   This competition is open to everyone connected with Grove Road the home of  St Oliver Plunkett School – teachers, parents, pupils, past pupils, classes, families and individuals.

The Song:   –   Ideally it should be a catchy song.  The words and melody should be fun, lively, upbeat, inspiring and should capture the spirit of our school in Grove Road and what it stands for.  The lyrics should include reference to our motto and our mission.  It is suggested that the song comprises of no more than 3 verses with a chorus. (For those in the know, it could be 2 verses and a bridge!)

The Theme: –   The theme should be about the spirit of Grove Road, all that is great about it – the school ethos, the fun, the friendship, the happiness, the music, the sport – whatever you see as fitting.  It should not be dated so avoid lyrics that refer to people or particular events (except 1953, 1975, 1984 and 2014).  The lyrics and melody need not be original but where another’s work is used, it must be acknowledged.  You can adapt an existing melody or tune.  Melodies borrowed should avoid music used for well known anthems e.g. football clubs, popular music shows etc.

Closing Date:   –  The closing date for entries is

12 noon on Friday April 15th 2011.

Entries:  –   All entries must be on CD / DVD/ Memory stick and be sung by children (not necessarily from our school).  A written copy of the lyrics must be attached.  Entries, once submitted, become the property of the school and entries that qualify for the final stages of judging may be slightly altered or changed if deemed fit by the judging panel.

Judging: –   The initial judging panel will comprise of teachers, representatives from the Student Council, the Parents Association and independent members, chaired by the Principal.  The judging panel will be advised by acclaimed musicians from the community.

The school community will be able to view/hear the final entries on the school website.

Entries deemed suitable will go forward to a final round and these entries will then be performed by classes/groups from within the school in late May.

Overall winner: –   The overall winning entry will be chosen by a  combination – the views of the judging panel, audience reaction on the day and an online vote.  The winning entry will then be announced in early June.

Song Contest:   –   Entries that reach the final stages will be performed by a group of our own children at a special contest to be held in the school in mid May. A steering panel will mentor and choreograph each group prior to their live performance.  Backing tracks will not be allowed, all music must be live

The Prize: –   A trophy and prize to the value of €200 will be presented to the winning composer – prize will be age or group appropriate.  There will be runner up prizes also.

So, all aspiring song writers and performers, get your thinking caps on.  We need your help!

This could be the start of something big!!

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