Random acts of Kindness

The theme for our next green flag is Global Citizenship. One aspect of this theme is to make children aware and support the work of various charities.With  this in mind the green team have decided to support Electric Ireland Powering Kindness Week, which is happening this week Jan 17th -23rd. We are targeting 3rd to 6th class in school, but with the help from parents younger children can also get involved at home.
How do we do this? Simple!imgres
Children carry out Random Acts of Kindness i.e help at home, empty dishwasher, be kind to someone, bring dog for a walk etc . They then register the acts of kindness on poweringkindness.ie and vote for one of the nominated charities, which are,Childline, Maie Keating Foundation and The Irish Heart Foundation.
Electric Ireland id donating 130,000euro  to support these charities.The charity receiving the highest number of votes will get 60,000 euro and the remainder will be shared between the other two , so everyone is a winner!
A max. of 10 acts of kindness can be registered from the same email address each day, so the whole family can get involved. Voting ends on Friday.
Class teachers will be talking to children about the charities and encouraging them to vote, but voting takes place at home with parental permission and a valid email address .
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