Easter chicks hatch in Ollies Room 8

chick1The First class children in Room 8 have been carefully watching over chick eggs in an incubator for the last 21 days. On Friday 20/03/15, five little chicks hatched from the eggs. It was a very exciting day. While the eggs were in the incubator, the children recorded the number of times the eggs rotated in the incubator throughout the school day. The children also ensured that the water level was correct in the incubator as the eggs must be in a humid environment.

The children carefully monitored the temperature in the  incubator which remained constant at 37.5 Degrees Celsius .chick2 On Wednesday 18/03/15, the children noticed the eggs rolling independently in the incubator, the chicks inside the eggs were getting into the hatching position.


On Friday 20/03/15, five little chicks hatched. When the children came into the classroom on Friday morning, three little chicks were staring at them through the incubator, the chicks hatched earlier that morning. The fourth chick hatched at 12.55pm and the fifth chick hatched at 13.40pm. The children were so delighted to see the chicks hatching from the eggs.  chick4On Thursday 19/03/15, the children noticed tiny cracks in the eggs. The chicks were preparing to hatch. The children named the chicks, Tiny, Marshmallow, Fluffy, Draco and Honey. The chicks now enjoy playing with one another and are getting bigger by the day!


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