Friends for Life

The ‘FRIENDS for Life’ programme is a school-based positive health and wellness programme.  Through participating, children develop their emotional intelligence, and learn invaluable skfriendsills to enable them to cope with the many demands of 21st Century life. Friends for Life improves social skills, ability to focus, confidence, communication skills, and the ability to relax and regulate emotions. It is proven to reduce anxiety and give children the tools they need to cope in stressful and challenging situations.

We ran this programme with a few classes last year and the feedback from the children and their parents has been extremely positive. This term we are starting with our Fifth Classes and the children in the Reading Classes. In order for the children to really benefit and get the best from the programme, it is essential that it is encouraged and supported by the family.  To read more click StOPS – Friends for Life.

To find out how you can support your child, we are inviting the parents of these classes to come to an information session in the school hall on Fri morning, Sept 11, at 9.15am.

Further information on the programme is on HSE website. Just follow link – Friends


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