Football Legends

Simon Murphy, Sean Guiden, Denis Smith and Luke Mooney played against Corinthians from Cork in All-Ireland Final.  We played on the very good pitch at Whitehall but it was extremely difficult against a very good Corinthians team.  There were a couple of hundred people there.  The match started as the teams came of the tunnel. Luke Mooney lead Malahide United out. The referee started the game. Corinthians had tip- off and Malahide closed them down and soon won the ball. 5 minutes in Sean Guiden scored a beautiful goal with his left boot. All the fans were chanting.  (GIDDY, GIDDY, GIDDY) The team celebrated like crazy! Corinthians kept attacking but just couldn’t penetrate Malahide’s defence. Malahide kept the lead until the final whistle then David Davidson look at his watch to see the 60 minutes were up!!!!!!! Malahide Had Won.

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