Grilling from the Young Fry

Ace Reporters from Second Class were on hand at a recent Press Conference to turn the tables on Irish Soccer Internationals, Sean StLeger, Stephen Kelly and Conor Sammon.  These intrepid cubs were invited to the conference to show the more experienced adults how to cut to the chase and get the answers to the questions the fans really want.  In this no-holes-barred encounter you will see that they were not afraid to ask the really hard questions.  It was all in the interest of good fun though and the the three internationals freely admitted to being way more nervous than normal during the grilling (sorry interview).  “I’d rather face Andreas Iniesta on the pitch than go through that again”, said Stephen Kelly who was still reeling from the bruising encounter.  “Thats one interview I’ll never forget”, he added.

To giggle your way through the full interview click – “Cubs V Internationals”.

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