Huge disappointment as Garden Fete is postponed

There was great disappointment this morning among pupils, teachers and parents when the decision to postpone the garden Fete was announced due to the sudden change on the weather front.  This is one of the most-looked-forward-to days in the school calendarnd is always so eagerly awaited by all in the school as an opportunity for pupils and parents to have a day of fun.  What started out as a simple fundraising idea has now grown in status and importance as a fun-filled day where pupils learn a lot about bargain hunting, budgeting, bartering and balancing the books.  Sixth Class anticipate this day for months as they plan their sales pitch and hone their entrepreneurial skills to get a stall and make a profit.  Alas they will have to wait another week.  “It has only been postponed, not cancelled” , said Príomh Oide  Ms O’Connor who freely admitted that she too was disappointed that this decision had to be taken.  Here’s to Wed 19th.

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