St. Brigid’s day

Today is theIMG_5536 1st of February and St. Brigid’s day. In our school today there were lots of stories, information, construction and games based on our Patron saint St. Brigid. She lived during the time of St.Patrick and was inspired by his preachings and she became a Christian. Brigid decided that she would spend her life working for God by looking after poor, sick and elderly people. Legend says that she prayed that her beauty would be taken away from her so no one would seek her hand in marriage; her prayer was granted. News of Brigid’s good works spread and soon many young girls from all over the country joined her in the convent. Brigid founded many convents all over Ireland; the most famous one was in Co. Kildare. Making a St. Brigid’s cross is one of the traditional rituals in Ireland to celebrate the beginning of early spring, 1st February. St. Brigid died in AD 525 at the age of 75 and was buried in a tomb before the High Altar of her Abbey church.


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