Ollies help for Christmas

We have a very proud tradition of supporting local families through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul every Christmas and this morning showed the incredible support we have from parents and our school community. Cars filled the school grounds and carpark as volunteer parents came to transport all our offerings into head office for their distribution this evening. This year we decided to change our approach slightly to tailor our contributions to specific families.

Each class between first and sixth looked after one family. Each class draw up a wish list for the family, to include a mixture of treats and practical items to create a complete care package for their family. They started to bring their contributions immediately, and each class kept their store of items until collection day, today! The junior and senior infant classes were asked to bring something for the elderly- the grannies and granddads. Again, a mixture of practical and treat items.  This new approach generated lots of interesting discussion and planning in the classrooms and promoted cooperation and the joy of giving.  As the children donated to the appeal, they added a hand to the giving tree, a lovely reflection of the spirit of generosity that is flourishing in St Oliver Plunkett School.

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