Anna is our ‘book buzz’ designer ?‍?

I am Anna and I designed the book buzz logo last year (November 2016). I was 10 years old and I was in 4th class at the time. My first design for my logo was a bookworm sitting on a book but it was too big. I thought of many more designs, some big and some small. I wanted my design to be special to me. Then I thought of a hive. When I was younger I used to help my nana when she worked in a shop called ‘The Honey Pot’. Their logo was a beehive. I always wondered what was in the beehive. In this case, I thought it was a library full of books. I was going to write authors on the hive but I could only fit my favourite authors so it wouldn’t have been interesting to others. I put the school crest as the door to the hive to show it is St Oliver Plunkett’s. There are 10 bees around the hive to show my age and that we are busy with books. This is the inspiration for my logo.

We will reveal Anna’s crest next week. What could it ‘bee’ like……


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