Healthy Lunch Box Resource 1

healthylunchHealthy School Lunch Policy
This policy has been compiled by representatives of the Board of Management. Parents’ Association, Teachers and Children and has the ongoing support of the Health Promotion Service in the Northern Area Health Board. Our school through these guidelines aims to help all those involved in our school community to develop positive and responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health. A balanced and varied diet combined with regular exercise is known to influence our children’s health. The Nutrition lessons of the SPHE programme which is taught in our school will also help the children to develop good dietary habits.

Healthy Eating Habits
Our school aims for the full and harmonious development of the individual and health and fitness are central to this. The incidence of obesity in primary school age children is growing. It is becoming more recognised that the food eaten and the fluid consumed by children in the primary school setting has an effect on their ability to learn. Through our policy on healthy lunches, nutritious foods and the substitution of water for other drinks we hope to enable and empower our school community to facilitate the development of a good food policy in school and at home using a whole school approach. (May want to add references to this section)

– A Parents Association Resource

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