Blue Day – but in colour only

As excitement is reaching fever pitch all over the county, Grove Road is also gearing up to support “The Dubs” on Sunday next.  Friday will be a special day – A Blue Day in The Grove but blue in colour only.  To celebrate the All-Ireland Football Final on Sunday and Dublin’s participation in it, Friday has been designated as a “True Blue Dubs Day”.  All our children are encouraged to wear something blue on the day, a Dublin jersey if you have one of any vintage but children need not purchase one specially for the day as anything blue will do – blue- jeans, T-shirts, polo shirts etc but not other colours.  Children may stick with their uniform if they wish.  And in the interest of good ssportsmanship,  if any child (or Mr Eagney) wishes to wear a Mayo jersey that’s fine too.  This is a one off non-uniform fun day it is not a fund raising event.

And Good luck to the Boys in Blue on Sunday.  We look forward to having Sam visit the school later in the year!!

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