The Orange Blossom Special

The Orange Blossom Special “Toots” turned up on Grove Road today, having taken a very special school member on a great adventure with three of her really special pals who had organised this mystery tour.  This was no ordinary train ride, but a magical tour, conjured up by the three as a way of saying good bye to a very special SNA, Theresa.

After long service in the school, Theresa has decided it is time to explore other areas of interest and so she heads of tomorrow on an adventure of her own.

The three had dreamed up this trip because they wanted to show Theresa how special she is. They arrived very early for school and at a pre-arranged time they met up with Ms Markey and then told Theresa that they needed to do some shopping.  Off they headed for the village via St. Margaret’s Road and at the train station they clamoured aboard the toots train. Their whistle stop tour took in the best sights that Malahide has to offer –  the beach, the village and Malahide castle. What a fun time they had on board and because it was so wet and Theresa deserved only the very best treatment, the “gently” persuaded the driver that he should drive them up the hill.  and fair play to him. he did and dropped them off at the school gate much to the amazement of the other pupils who were on break at the time!  An Orange Blossom Special had never been seen on grove Road before.  We hope Theresa enjoyed her adventure as much as all her little pals.  And good luck in the green, green grass of your next chapter.