Ooh, Aah John Kane


What a wonderful OOh Aah experience with John Kane. Kids were so engaged and participation levels exceeded all expectation for a really fantastic book. Our infants and teachers loved it. As you can see our drawings really helped.

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Sheena Wilkinson visit

Sheena Wilkinson made a visit to our 5ths and 6ths today for a workshop that outlined her reasons and inspirations for writing. Some great stories and real life interactions of a writer for all.

Very engaging and productive workshop for all.

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Alan Nolan and amazing storytellers



What a great day in school we had on Wednesday. Alan Nolan was in our school and gave an excellent workshop. he had great fun around the school and was very impressed with the boys and girls. We also had some of our parents in today doing storytelling sessions. One of them was extra special in that it was a Lithuanian storyteller who read to the kids in her native language.

Rod smith and Sheena Wilkinson are in today. Updates to follow

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Darkmouth Ollies

World renowned author Shone Hegarty entertained our firth classes today with stories of his background, interests, family and inspirations. It was a really fun talk and Shane also informed us that his book Darkmouth is being made into a Hollywood movie. Shane was very entertaining to listen to even gave Callum a copy of his book. He lives in Skerries which is very near our school.

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Ray Flannery

Ray Flannery, author of Moany McMoan visited our fourths yesterday with Sarah Bowie. We all had great fun and learned so much. Today Alan Nolan, John Kane and Shane Hegarty are on the way to our classrooms. Such an exciting week and we are reading and learning so much.


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