Senior Footballers Qualify for Semis

Today the Senior Boys school Gaelic team played their Quarter-Finals in a Cumann na mBunscoil match in Ringsend v Scoil Eoin, Johnstown.  Everyone got to play part in the match. We started off well with Johnathon and Darragh commanding in midfield and defence.   By the end of the first half we were winning by fourteen points!


In the second half we played even better and went on to win with a convincing 9-11 to 4-3 after some great scores by Ben and Finn.  This win means that we are through to the Cumann na mBunscoil Semi-Finals on Thursday vs Drimnagh Castle. It was a great game and a fantastic win.  Well done to all our team.

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‘Budding inventor’ in our midst

photo (4)Fifth class student Daniel Connolly today displayed his new ‘invention’ of a torsion catapult which he constructed with his Dad. Daniel was delighted to show his classmates and friends his new project.

Here is a report Daniel wrote himself accounting for all the work and strategies.

…..Two weekends ago I started to build a catapult with my Dad.  We found a website that showed us how to make a torsion catapult.  We bought all the wood and rope on Saturday and started making it on Sunday morning.  First we had to cut the wood into the required lengths.  To make the base we needed two 90 centimetre pieces of wood and two 37 centimetre pieces.  We had to screw the four pieces of wood together to form the base.  Next we had to fix the two upright  side pieces to the base; this required us to drill screws diagonally through the side pieces into the base, this was not an easy task.  Then we screwed the stop bar to the side pieces.  We had to cut two triangles out of a large piece of plywood.  We screwed the triangles to the base and the side bars for support.  Then we had to drill round holes into each one of the triangles.  We also had to drill a hole into the swing arm of the catapult.  Then we had to cut a brush pole into two 37 centimetre lengths to form the torsion handles.  We tied the rope to one of the torsion handles.  We put the end of the rope through one side of the catapult, and pulled it through the catapult swing arm and  put it through the other side of the catapult, and looped it round the other torsion handle.  We had to repeat this step eight times with the rope.  Then we had to tie off the rope end.  To make the swing arm go up we had to twist the torsion handles until they can’t be twisted any more.  We had to twist the torsion handles in opposite directions.  My Dad wanted to go in search of the neighbour’s cats to test the catapult, I wouldn’t let him.  My Dad says that’s why its called a CATapult….

Well done Daniel!

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‘Dubs Day’ a great success


On Friday last our entire school dressed in ‘blue’ in support of The Dubs, especially Past Pupils Niamh, Sinead and Nicole who proudly represented Dublin in the All Ireland Ladies final on Sunday in Croke Park. There was great excitement and colour around the school and all of the children were very proud of the girls achievements to date especially having  Ms McEvoy(Niamh) as a teacher in our school. Unfortunately the result versus Cork did not go to plan but, no doubt, this extremely talented bunch of players will win an All-Ireland in the coming years.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

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What a day to run a mile!

runOn Friday last, the children from 3rd to 6th class in our school competed in the ‘Run a mile challenge’. All classes walked to Bridgefield and ran over two full laps to complete the mile distance. There was a huge amount of support from parents and teachers with even a few of the teachers taking part in the distance. photo 3 photo 2 Everyone tried really hard and as they crossed the finish line the children could see their mile time on the clock. There was some really fast runners and the fastest boy and girl from each level will have their photophoto 1 taken for the Happy Talk board. The fastest mile time was once again set by Sean Flynn who ran a magnificent 5.3. Lots of boys and girls ran faster this time than they did last June. It will be interesting to see if we will get some new personal bests in June. Just double click the pics to see full size.

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Ava and Lisa represent Dublin in Basketball

Over the summer Ava Foran and Lisa Ryan were picked for the Malahide Under 11s mixed basketball Community Games team. They told us all about their great experience.

basketballThey played their first matches at the end of the school year and won successfully making them the Champions of Dublin. On the way the beat Killester, Balbriggan and four other great teams. In July they played more matches winning them all to become Leinster Champions. In August they went to the community games in Athlone to play in the All-Ireland. It was a big sports festival and there was a great atmosphere. When they played their first match they were beaten by a really good team from Cork. Galway took silver and our Dublin Champions claimed the much coveted bronze. They played an amazing match against Donegal to get the bronze medal. They were proud to get Bronze and we are all so proud of them.

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