Oh what a week – and it’s only starting yet

It’s the end of a perfect day at the end of a perfect week – an amazing week when The Hill came alive with the sound of music.  Not the usual music created by the children as they infants ms.keoghsang but the music of dance.  All week long the classes rehearsed their routines as they prepared for their 30 minutes of glory on the dance floor.  And what was the reason for all of this – yes of course, the Strictly Come Dancing craze!

Next week-end Saturday Night Fever will hit Grove Road as parents, teachers and friends take to the floor in a Strictly Extravaganza in aid of the Fingal Dyslexia Workshop which is closely associated with our school.  And we felt if the adults can do it, so can the kids.  And at the end of this great week we think we proved that we are every bit as good as any of the adults.

We have had a great week and now we wonder how the teachers will do when they take to the floor in The Wright Venue on Saturday Night next.

To see our Picture Gallery for the week visit here.


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Ms McGrath’s class de-icing!

On the 14th of February (Valentines Day!), Ms McGrath’s class did some de-icing!  What they did was they they put fish, whales, penguins and sharks into a glass with water inside and they froze it.  When they took out the animals they were frozen into the frozen water!  Then, they put it into a towel and tried to de-ice it using their fingers.  It was great fun!

Ms MacGrath De-Icing 013

Ms MacGrath De-Icing 015

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Worth a Fortune to Dublin Hurling!!

JF To all in “Ollies” he is Mr. Fortune, but in Dublin Hurling circles he is Mr. Incredible.  Such has been his success with under-age teams, Dublin County Board has decided to show how much confidence it has in his leadership aJFbnd has appointerd him Manager for the Dublin U 21 Hurling Team for the next three years.  Previously Mr Fortune has worked with various Dublin teams and, in addition, he is presently managing DIT Hurlers in the Fitzgibbon Cup.

Over the years our school has seen his great ability to train and guide our school teams and he has enjoyedubsd great success in various competitions.  Many will know his other skills in the area of music and will have seen him perform at local events.  Is there no end to his talents – watch out Anthony Daly, this Wexford man may be looking for your position.

Click Here to read the full report from the Evening Herald.

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The Bunanza

On Tuesday the 11th of February our school had a huge cake sale in the hall. There was bread, rice crispy buns, cakes, cupcakes, flap jacks and marshmallows on a stick. Mmmmmmmmmmm cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!     The junior infants went out first with their buddies. The senior infants went out second with their buddies. Then first class went out. Then the second classes, then third class, then sixth then fifth and then last bur not least fourth class went out. Everybody got loads of cakes. Many people made cakes for the cake competition. The competition had 21 winners. There were three third places three, second places, three first places. This year there was a bit of the competition called split cakes. There was one first place, one second place and one third place.                                           We would like to say thanks to the children, parents and judges.

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Frásaí na Seachtaine 7/2/2014

Cad atá cearr leat?  What’s the matter with you?

Tá slaghdán orm.  I have a cold.
Tá scornach thinn orm I have a sore throat.
Ghortaigh mé mo láimh.  I hurt my hand.
Bhris mé mo chos.  I broke my foot.

Week 2

Tá mo shrón ag cur fola.  My nose is bleeding.
Tá pian i mo cheann.  I have a headache.
Tá pian i mo bholg.  My tummy is sore.
Tá tinneas fiacaile agam.  I have a toothache.

Sean Fhocal

Ní hé lá na báistí, lá na bpáistí.  A wet day is no fun for children.

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