What a Show – It’s a Cracker

F12All of have seen the show so far have been of one mind – total agreement that this is the best show ever.  One parent was heard to say in the local shop that there she could not understand how the children could be so good across all the classes and she had been to the two halves.  And this is a feeling that is shared by everyone.

“Playing for the othe 6th classes was the hardest thing” was how one of the 6th class girlssc3 put it coming off stage, “I thought I’d die knowing that all the others were looking at me”.

And we fully agree with all of this.  It is a marvellous show.  Our sc1thanks to the parents, teachers and especially the children who have worked so hard to make it a success.

If you haven’t seen it there will be a DVD later and there are loads of pictures here.


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Have you got your tickets yet?

frontIts full steam ahead in the senior end of the school as all our classes prepare for the Christmas Concert.  There’ll be Santas and Elves, witches and wizards, funny ones and sad ones, new stories and stories retold and, as always, the front of curtain acts to amaze and delight you.

fclassTickets have been offered to all children taking part and now these tickets are on general sale.  This is a show not to be missed and one that is sure to get young and old into the Christmas spirit. If you haven’t snapped up one of those priceless tickets, now is the time.  Each class will perform at one of the night shows and at each of the Matinee Shows. Maybe you would like to make this a great night out for all the family and this not-to-be-missed show would provide the ideal opportunity.

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Did you come by Bus?

walkingbus1The Green Team were over the moon (well on the bus actually) with the fantastic turn out for the Walking Bus on our recent WOW day.  The buses travelled as normal despite the adverse weather conditions.  “We needed to be tied down cause we nearly blew away”, was how one of the giggling First Class girls put it as she alighted from the Yellow Walls Bus.

It was great to see so many prepared to brave the elements and join in the fun and get walkingbus2great exercise as well.  Striding ahead of all the Buses was the Seapark/Biscayne Bus which had  55 passengers plus all the adults who were also on board.  “That must be a record”, said one of the 6th Class boys who had carried his own bag and his little sisters.  We wonder will any other bus beat that number next time.  Look out for news of our next outing.


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Turning Dreams into Reality

17 years wait came to an end at 10 am this morning with the Image1official announcement that our new school is to be built in 2014. There was great excitement and very loud cheers in the school hall as the assembled senior pupils, staff and parents were told that the Minister for Education had decided to include the school on the building list for next year. Ms O’Connor, our school principal, thanked the many people who made this great day possible, but she reminded everyone that there was a lot of hard work to be done and a great deal of distrubtion to endure before the dream becomes a reality. She said that we would live by our 6th class motto “Hand in Hand, Together We Can”!

mf2We have been waiting 17 years for this great day.  A rise in numbers in the late 90s prompted the school to begin negotiations with the Dept. of Education for additional permanent classrooms.  In 1996 it was agreed that there was a need for 8 more classrooms and, in 1997,  the school was asked to accept four Portacabins as a stopgap measure for a two year period – that was 16 years ago.  But now, at last, there is an end in sight.  We look forward with great anticipation to the start date and to our state-of-the-art new school building sitting proudly beside the Old School, which will remain after the other buildings have been demolished.  Full details of the proposed design can be found at “Our New School”.

Now where is my hard hat and my wellies!!

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Future Scientists!

IMG_0778The school celebrated National Science Week recently with a great range of hands on science activities. The children got to take part in a wide variety of experiments. For example, the third class children explored water filtration, what goes on inside a nappy, electrical circuits and dissecting animal hearts!! Junior classes looked at a wide range of topics including magnetism and static electricity. Senior classes found out more about careers in science. To conclude theIMG_0800 week, we were delighted to welcome one of our parents, Joanna Donnelly, who is a meteorologist with Met Eireann. Joanna brought in a real weather station and demonstrated all the elements of weather forecasting to the Third Classes. The pupils were fascinated by Joanna’s presentation and were thrilled to be able to carry out some real weather experiments.

So watch out Malahide…future scientists are about!!

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