Huge disappointment as Garden Fete is postponed

There was great disappointment this morning among pupils, teachers and parents when the decision to postpone the garden Fete was announced due to the sudden change on the weather front.  This is one of the most-looked-forward-to days in the school calendarnd is always so eagerly awaited by all in the school as an opportunity for pupils and parents to have a day of fun.  What started out as a simple fundraising idea has now grown in status and importance as a fun-filled day where pupils learn a lot about bargain hunting, budgeting, bartering and balancing the books.  Sixth Class anticipate this day for months as they plan their sales pitch and hone their entrepreneurial skills to get a stall and make a profit.  Alas they will have to wait another week.  “It has only been postponed, not cancelled” , said Príomh Oide  Ms O’Connor who freely admitted that she too was disappointed that this decision had to be taken.  Here’s to Wed 19th.

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Grilling from the Young Fry

Ace Reporters from Second Class were on hand at a recent Press Conference to turn the tables on Irish Soccer Internationals, Sean StLeger, Stephen Kelly and Conor Sammon.  These intrepid cubs were invited to the conference to show the more experienced adults how to cut to the chase and get the answers to the questions the fans really want.  In this no-holes-barred encounter you will see that they were not afraid to ask the really hard questions.  It was all in the interest of good fun though and the the three internationals freely admitted to being way more nervous than normal during the grilling (sorry interview).  “I’d rather face Andreas Iniesta on the pitch than go through that again”, said Stephen Kelly who was still reeling from the bruising encounter.  “Thats one interview I’ll never forget”, he added.

To giggle your way through the full interview click – “Cubs V Internationals”.

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Fundraisers Extraordinaire

A few children got together and decided to do a fund raiser for the school on their road, they baked and the money they made was donated to the school.  They spent long hours in the making, long hours in the baking and long hours in the selling.  They raised €75.00 which went into school equipment fund. They asked  that the money be spent on yard equipment and thats how it will go. Well done and thank you so much.  A hard days work but worth the effort.

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Football Legends

Simon Murphy, Sean Guiden, Denis Smith and Luke Mooney played against Corinthians from Cork in All-Ireland Final.  We played on the very good pitch at Whitehall but it was extremely difficult against a very good Corinthians team.  There were a couple of hundred people there.  The match started as the teams came of the tunnel. Luke Mooney lead Malahide United out. The referee started the game. Corinthians had tip- off and Malahide closed them down and soon won the ball. 5 minutes in Sean Guiden scored a beautiful goal with his left boot. All the fans were chanting.  (GIDDY, GIDDY, GIDDY) The team celebrated like crazy! Corinthians kept attacking but just couldn’t penetrate Malahide’s defence. Malahide kept the lead until the final whistle then David Davidson look at his watch to see the 60 minutes were up!!!!!!! Malahide Had Won.

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First Communion Day

May 26th 2013 will be treasured forever by the many children who received their First Holy Communion on this day.  It was the most beautiful day that came so far this year as the children assembled at St. Sylvester’s Parish Church to receive Jesus in the Sacrament for the first time.  The classes were divided over two Masses and the Masses were streamed live around the world. Over 400 family and relatives tuned in to the live broadcast and many messages from around the world were received on line during the showing.  The church was beautifully decorated and the children and choir were magnificent… full account.

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