Magical Train Journeys

An excited gathering came together in the Hall last Friday. They were anxiously awaiting news of the winner of our annual art competition in memory of James Sheridan, a very special first class pupil who passed away in June 2009. James loved trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine.  We like to remember James by asking our First Classes to take part in this competition every year, James’ classmates, now in Fifth Class, organised a very special assembly, with songs, stories and lots of fond memories. The winning entry was by Ailish Debish, in Ms. Holland’s class. She is pictured here with her winning entry. Also pictured is Isabelle O’ Leary presenting the trophy to Ailish.  Isabelle was the winner of last year’s competition.

The trophy is an original drawing by James, which has been framed in glass.

The judges had a very difficult job as all of the entries were of a very high standard, but everyone agreed that James would have loved Ailish’s picture.

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Fashion Extravaganza with a Difference

Our School Hall was transformed beyond recognition earlier when the PE benches normally the center piece were swapped for a Catwalk bedecked with haute couture,  millinery and coiffure  creations.  After many weeks of secret work the many exclusive inspirational pieces were at last on show to the general public.  But this was no ordinary fashion show as the only materials the designers could use was recycled material and wow!, didn’t they prove that all one needs is a creative flair and anything is possible.  The pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th classes strutted their stuff to show off their beautifully crafted achievements.  Paris Fashion Week was paled into insignificance by this event which was judged by top fashion experts Georgina Aherne and Kitty MacDonagh (Cari’s Closet). The fashion parade lasted for more than hour such was the high number of entries and, in the end, the children had learned a very valuable lesson that it need not cost the earth to create something beautiful.  Visit the Fashion Show Gallery to admire some of the many concepts.

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Huge disappointment as Garden Fete is postponed

There was great disappointment this morning among pupils, teachers and parents when the decision to postpone the garden Fete was announced due to the sudden change on the weather front.  This is one of the most-looked-forward-to days in the school calendarnd is always so eagerly awaited by all in the school as an opportunity for pupils and parents to have a day of fun.  What started out as a simple fundraising idea has now grown in status and importance as a fun-filled day where pupils learn a lot about bargain hunting, budgeting, bartering and balancing the books.  Sixth Class anticipate this day for months as they plan their sales pitch and hone their entrepreneurial skills to get a stall and make a profit.  Alas they will have to wait another week.  “It has only been postponed, not cancelled” , said Príomh Oide  Ms O’Connor who freely admitted that she too was disappointed that this decision had to be taken.  Here’s to Wed 19th.

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Grilling from the Young Fry

Ace Reporters from Second Class were on hand at a recent Press Conference to turn the tables on Irish Soccer Internationals, Sean StLeger, Stephen Kelly and Conor Sammon.  These intrepid cubs were invited to the conference to show the more experienced adults how to cut to the chase and get the answers to the questions the fans really want.  In this no-holes-barred encounter you will see that they were not afraid to ask the really hard questions.  It was all in the interest of good fun though and the the three internationals freely admitted to being way more nervous than normal during the grilling (sorry interview).  “I’d rather face Andreas Iniesta on the pitch than go through that again”, said Stephen Kelly who was still reeling from the bruising encounter.  “Thats one interview I’ll never forget”, he added.

To giggle your way through the full interview click – “Cubs V Internationals”.

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Fundraisers Extraordinaire

A few children got together and decided to do a fund raiser for the school on their road, they baked and the money they made was donated to the school.  They spent long hours in the making, long hours in the baking and long hours in the selling.  They raised €75.00 which went into school equipment fund. They asked  that the money be spent on yard equipment and thats how it will go. Well done and thank you so much.  A hard days work but worth the effort.

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