First Communion Day

May 26th 2013 will be treasured forever by the many children who received their First Holy Communion on this day.  It was the most beautiful day that came so far this year as the children assembled at St. Sylvester’s Parish Church to receive Jesus in the Sacrament for the first time.  The classes were divided over two Masses and the Masses were streamed live around the world. Over 400 family and relatives tuned in to the live broadcast and many messages from around the world were received on line during the showing.  The church was beautifully decorated and the children and choir were magnificent… full account.

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Fingal Entrepreneur

A big big  congratulations and well done to all in PC 10 on  a magnificent win…….

The Enterprise  Program is a great way to give children an opportunity to try out their entrepreneurial skills and hone many other skills and aspects of the their personal development. ………


Well done to all in Ms Tisdall’s Clas……..

Read all about it….

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Meet (Saint??) Patrick

I did it MY way

Meet Patrick,  the chick with attitude.  We don’t think he’s a saint though.  When all the other chicks are sleeping after their exhausting day, Patrick decides to do it his way.

They are in their holiday home for the long-weekend along with their carer, Ms Quinn and they love their new surroundings, although they miss all the boys and girls in their class.  Roll on Tuesday.

We think Patrick will be up for doing a PE lesson with the class and showing them some tricks and somersaults.

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The Hatching

First Eggs Hatch in Room 3

Forget “The Gathering”, turn your attention instead to “The Hatching” and join with the girls and boys in Room3 for this really exciting event.  The first egg hatched this morning and the little baby chick arrived before their very eyes.  Oh the excitement was unbearable all morning because the egg was rocking and rolling all day yesterday and the first crack was obvious when the children arrived in school at 8.50.  It didn’t take too long for chick No 1 to appear.  To read all about it and the naming ceremony visit:    The Hatching

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Go Go Joseph

All secrets will eventually come out and the long awaited announcement has been made so we can proclaim to the masses that Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (or Joey’s Jacket as the children call it) will be staged by the school on May 1, 2 & 3rd.  Rehearsals are in full swing, the stage is building and all are on full alert.  Watch this space for all announcements……

The stage is up.  Thanks to all the parents who turned up to help with this mammoth task.  For full information on cast and crew, history in the making and history repeating itself, ticketing and show times – visit:

Joseph’s Dreamcoat

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