Halloween Fun in Ollies


Today is kind of spooky around our school as lots of the boys and girls are dressed up in Halloween costumes. Even some of the teachers have evolved into witches over night.img_8155 This week we have all been really looking forward to our Midterm Break and the Halloween fun as we play the family games at home or go on ‘trick or treat’ in our area.

Safety is really important around Halloween and we all hope that the older boys and girls in our school keep a good close eye out for the ‘younger ones’ over the next week. We wish everybody a nice, relaxing and spooky midterm and look forward to seeing everybody back safe and sound after the break.


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Sam visits Ollies!

img_8109We were so lucky in our school today as Sam Maguire came to visit us. It is the 26th time that the Dublin senior football team have won the All Ireland Football Championship. Dublin’s super corner forward Eoghan O Gara came to our school with the trophy along with Panner our club coach. Eoghan played a big role with Dublin this year kicking the winning score against Kerry in the all Ireland semi final.

img_8115 20161026_130126

We are so lucky in our school to get a visit form this famous trophy and we asked Eoghan to make sure and win it again next year so we can cover Malahide with the ‘blue of the Dubs’ again.


More pics to follow!!

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Mile Run and Fruity Friday

Last Friday was our Mile run challenge in St Oliver Plunkett school. All children from 3rd to 6th ran a ‘timed’ mile in the castle thanks to help of Raheny Shamrocks and Ms Keary. Parents were present on the day offering their help, support and encouragement. It was a great day with some really tired legs at the end.




Tomorrow is ‘Fruity Friday’ in our school. The Parents Association will be giving each child in the school an opportunity to taste and test different fruits. It has been a very healthy week in our school. We cant wait for tomorrow.

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‘1916 and families in Ollies’


A ‘1916 Meet and Greet’ took place today Wednesday between 9.10 and 12.30 in the hall.  A group of children, teachers and relatives gathered in the hall to display, discuss and introduce their ‘1916 connections’.   Some of the younger kids had an adult relative with them as support .  It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the many different ways in which the Rising and its aftermath were experienced. Many of the contributors were from the younger classes in our school and they all spoke so proudly about their connections to the 1916 rising.


Each class in the school got an opportunity to meet and question the displays and information on the people involved in 1916. It was a fascinating day and a very proud one in our school.    IMG_6194 (1)


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Lego Day in Ollies


There is great excitement in the school today as the Lego exhibition has finally arrived. All of the children have been invited to ‘display/present’ their Lego in our school hall which has has led to an enormous exhibition.


All classes will get to visit the exhibition today with the inventors exhibiting their work and answering all questions. The wonderfully industrious boys and girls from Ollies bring’ Lego to a new dimension’.

Every class in the school has representatives who have worked tirelessly in order to make this day happen. It is is Lego creativity at its best and there is great ‘pride’ on Grove road this morning.


A big thanks to the student council whom are collecting, managing and organising the event. Well done to all on the ‘Lego team’!

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