Ten at ten in Ollies

To celebrate ten years of Operation Transformation, Karl Henry asked  every primary school in Ireland to get moving for 10 minutes of exercise at 10am this morning, February 10th,

As he told RTÉ LifeStyle.

10@10 – What is it?
“It’s pretty simple – to celebrate 10 years of Operation Transformation they wanted every primary school in Ireland to take 10 minutes of exercise this morning at 10 am.

We had great fun all around the school today in Ollies doing our exercises and dances.


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Happy St. Brigid’s day

Today is the 1st of February and St. Brigid’s day. In our school today there were lots of stories, information, construction and games based on our Patron saint St. Brigid.

Brigid decided that she would spend her life working for God by looking after poor, sick and elderly people. Legend says that she prayed that her beauty would be taken away from her so no one would seek her hand in marriage; her prayer was granted. News of Brigid’s good works spread and soon many young girls from all over the country joined her in the convent. Brigid founded many convents all over Ireland; the most
famous one was in Co. Kildare. Making a St. Brigid’s cross is one of the traditional rituals in Ireland to celebrate the beginning of early spring, 1st February. St. Brigid died in AD 525 at the age of 75 and was buried in a tomb before the High Altar of her Abbey church.

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Ollies help for Christmas

We have a very proud tradition of supporting local families through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul every Christmas and this morning showed the incredible support we have from parents and our school community. Cars filled the school grounds and carpark as volunteer parents came to transport all our offerings into head office for their distribution this evening. This year we decided to change our approach slightly to tailor our contributions to specific families.

Each class between first and sixth looked after one family. Each class draw up a wish list for the family, to include a mixture of treats and practical items to create a complete care package for their family. They started to bring their contributions immediately, and each class kept their store of items until collection day, today! The junior and senior infant classes were asked to bring something for the elderly- the grannies and granddads. Again, a mixture of practical and treat items.  This new approach generated lots of interesting discussion and planning in the classrooms and promoted cooperation and the joy of giving.  As the children donated to the appeal, they added a hand to the giving tree, a lovely reflection of the spirit of generosity that is flourishing in St Oliver Plunkett School.

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Jingle Walk in Ollies

Jingle All The Way To School   
The green team and students council have decided to join forces to raise funds for Crumlin Hospital and Focus Ireland. On Wednesday 21st Dec. we will have a special WOW day. Children are invited to walk, scoot, cycle or take public transport to school wearing a Santa hat and are allowed to wear their Christmas jumper on this day and to donate 2 euro to help these organisations and we hope everyone will donate generously. Walking buses will meet at the following locations;
Seapark/Biscayne meeting at bollards @ 8.25
Moorings meeting at the Green @ 8.30
Village meeting at Sylvester Church @ 8.30
The Hill meeting opposite Hill Top Stores @8.40
Many thanks to the parents who  have volunteered to walk with the buses. Younger children must be accompanied with an adult.
Remember to bring old mobile phones and batteries to school in January for recycling.
Happy Christmas from the Green Team
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Christmas concert starts tonight!

The lines are all learned, the costumes are ready and we are looking forward to presenting our junior concert to you tomorrow and Wednesday night. Here are a few reminders:

  • Raffle tickets will be sold each evening. The raffle will take place on Wednesday and we will email the winning numbers to all parents. So keep your tickets safely.
  • We would be delighted to receive more prizes. Please drop them to the office over the next couple of days.
  • There are two concerts each evening. The first show will begin at 7.00pm. The second show will be at 8.00pm.
  • If you are attending the 8.00pm show, please enter from the outside by following the arrows which will bring you to a holding room.
  • Children will be minded in their own classrooms for the duration of their show. If, however, you have children in both the 7.00 and 8.00 shows, rooms 1 and 9 are the holding rooms where they will be looked after so you can relax and enjoy the show.
  • As space is an issue, we cannot allow children in the hall in the evenings, in the interest of health and safety.
  • Please do not take photos or video the show. The video will be available in January, and the photos will be available to order online in the next few days.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement,

Team Ollies

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